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Basic Trademark Registration


Basic Trademark Registration


Perfect for when you’re already using your trademark publicly


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  • Federal Clearance Knockout Search of one mark

  • Analysis of Search Results by Experienced Trademark Attorney

  • Up to 30-minute phone consultation with your Trademark Attorney to review Search Results

  • Preparation of Trademark Specimens for a mark currently being used in commerce

  • Preparation and Filing of U.S. Trademark Application for mark currently being used in commerce

  • Status Updates through Registration Process

  • Response to request for a disclaimer from the USPTO attorney

  • Response to request to amend the description of goods & services from USPTO attorney

  • Response to request to amend specimen of use from USPTO attorney

  • Sends you a digital copy of your Trademark Registration Certificate once fully registered

*Does not include follow up services, such as if the USPTO sends an "office action" initially rejecting the mark. Those issues vary widely and will be handled on a per hour or project basis. Speak to your attorney.