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Your trademark attorney performs a search of the mark and close variations of the mark. Then, analyzes your search results to determine if there are any impediments to registration of the mark.

If any impediments exist, the attorney will advise you on options. The attorney will never proceed to file the application without consulting you first if there appears to be any impediments to registration. Once it has been determined that your mark is ready to proceed, the trademark application will be filed with the USPTO.

Three months after the application is filed, the USPTO will assign it to a staff examining attorney who will clear the mark from the USPTO’s perspective. If there are no conflicts, the mark will proceed to registration and be fully registered in 8-9 month. Sometimes the examining attorney has small follow up questions or requests, which are covered by our flat fee packages.

We can say we will be in contact once we’ve reviewed the form if we have any further questions. And once we’ve done the search to discuss results.