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Top Tips for Choosing Your Trademark

1. Choose a trademark that will stand out! Don't use commonly descriptive words for your goods or services, get creative and choose something that no one else will be using. You can't use a trademark to backdoor a monopoly on the English language. The best marks use words that no one else in that industry needs to use. Choose a trademark that is distinct from others in your industry and doesn't describe your goods or services. If the name is considered descriptive, the USPTO may refuse to register it. 

2. See if the domain you want is available first. Before you get too attached to your mark, make sure the URL is available. If someone else is using it, that could be a red flag that you won't be able to get the trademark. 

3. Have a trademark clearance done. Shocking as it may be, some businesses own trademarks and yet have little to no online presence, even today! Get your trademark cleared before you sink money into the business cards and other branding.

4. Register it before someone else does! I have had clients lose the trademark they already had begun building their business on because they waited to register the mark. Sometimes by as little as a month. It's so painful when this happens and rebranding can be very costly. Trademarks are low-hanging fruit when it comes to legal considerations for a young company. They're easy to do, relatively inexpensive, and can save you a lot of money down the road. Listen to you Mom, don't be penny wise, pound foolish! VGL offers a transparent, flat fee trademark with advising by an experienced trademark attorney. Get started on your registration today!

5. Get schooled in good Trademark hygiene and upkeep. Once you are the proud owner of a trademark, there are things you need to do to protect your brand. Read our post on Monitoring your trademark and Why you should never use your brand name as a noun or verb. And ask us about our trademark monitoring service!


Basic Trademark Registration

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