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How to Care for your Trademark: Monitoring

Congratulations- you've taken the most important step in protecting your brand and registered your trademark! The work doesn't stop there though. Under federal trademark law, Trademark owners have a number of duties in order to maintain ownership of their mark. One of those duties is to enforce your own mark. If you allow others in the marketplace to use it without objection or without a licensing arrangement, you could end up forfeiting your rights. If you knowingly allow someone to use a confusingly similar mark you could forfeit the legal ability to enforce your mark against that user if you wait too long.  Additionally, the USPTO may even approve marks for registration that you believe conflict with yours. Often people start businesses before clearing and registering their mark- and some of those  may be using trademarks that could infringe yours. You can't count on the USPTO to keep marks that are confusingly similar to yours from being registered. That's why Trademark monitoring is crucial to protecting your brand. VGL trademark monitoring is monitoring that involves a trademark attorney that analyzes marks being used and registered and only notifies you if something is a potential threat to your brand. Other monitoring services just send you an automated report and let you try to figure it out. Then, if you want to take action on anything, you'd need to contact a trademark attorney anyway. Our service takes the guesswork out of it and gives you attorney guidance through the process. Get started with your trademark monitoring package today. 

Trademark Monitoring - Annual

-Regular monitoring of USPTO Trademark filings

-Weekly notification if potentially conflicting marks are discovered

*Attorney consultation and enforcement extra

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